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Hydraulic / Hydropneumatic Accumulators and the like are extensively use in the Exploration and production Oil Industry, please see hydrotrole.co.uk. Hydropneumatic-Accumulators.com: Hydropneumatic / hydraulic accumulators store fluid power to operate valve actuators for emergency shutdown and shut-in of systems. Hydraulic power is also stored for the operation of blow out prevention systems. Hydraulic / hydro pneumatic accumulators provide counter balance force and connected to hydraulic cylinders are heave motion compensators."Hydro-Pneumatic-Technologies"


4 sections, addressing :


1. Pressure & Flow stabilization for pump systems

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2. Water Hammer alleviators for Large pipelines

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3. Fluid Power control Accumulators

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4. Analysis, diagnostics, perdiction modeling, Tech Services

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Pulse Damping with Dampeners for Pressure Pulsation and Flow Smoothing and stabilization, aka de-surging. The-Pulsation-Dampener-Directory.com: A pulsation damper enables instantaneous variations in flow from a pump without instant increase and decrease in pressure. The apparent dampening is from the accumulator effect of the dampener storing sudden increases of flow and then delivery of the stored flow into the system when flow rate decreases. Dampners provide a cushion that prevents unnecessary acceleration head change. Effectively pulsation pressure changes are prevented from occurring - pressure pulsation is prevented from occurring, not allowed to happen, and then dampened.1. Pressure & Flow stabilization for pump systems,

PULSEGUARD Inc. Examples:

Each type in approx 10 sizes (volumes), and each volume in 3 pressure ratings,



The PipeGuard range

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner, All Stainless, Bladder Gas Bag, Ultra Pressure

SEE IT RUN: PipeGuard Animation


The PipeHugger range

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner Bladder liquid inside Stainless Wetted Medium Pressure

SEE IT RUN: High Hz and Flow Dampeners


The LP FlexOrber range

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampners PTFE Diaphragm, Stainless Housing, Low Pressure

SEE IT RUN: FlexOrber Animation

AND HP DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner, PTFE Diaphragm, Stainless Wetted, High Pressure


The PumpGuard range

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner, Hose Tube, Sludge Slurry

SEE IT RUN: Slurry Hose Dampener



WaveGuard Acoustic, and no moving parts PulsationDampeners


The WaG Combo

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner Bladderless No Moving Parts Dissipative Dispersive

SEE IT RUN: WaG RJ Damper Matches Gear Pump


The WaG RJ

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner Bladderless No Moving Parts Ram Jet Dissipative

SEE IT RUN: WaG RJ Damper Matched Vane Pump


The WaG Cer

DRAWING: Pulsation Dampner Bladderless No Moving Parts Solid State Dispersive

SEE IT RUN: Damper Matches Centrifugal Pump



Pipe line Shock, pump Surge, acoustic Silencing, Water Hammer prevention, with descriptions like Arrestors, Alleviators, and Attenuators. Directory.Water-Hammer.com: Water hammer is the audible result of sudden pressure change. The most common cause of water hammer is the shock wave from quick closing of a valve. The instant deceleration of mass flows that results in the bang is removed by creating time over which the deceleration takes place. The increase in time for deceleration is achieved by providing a volume into which to mass may continue to flow, against increasing resistance, caused by the compression of a nitrogen or air. These devices may be known as shock absorbers. However they do not absorb, attenuate, or alleviate a shock that has been created - all these alleviators and alternatives actually stop a shock from occurring. When one of these arrestor, desurger, hammer absorbers, is placed after a pump that may be started suddenly, these devices prevent start-up surge. These products are also applied as volume compensators for liquid expansion and contraction due to liquid temperature change, they have similar names.2. Water Hammer alleviators for Large pipelines,


Each type in approx 10 sizes (volumes), and each volume in 3 pressure ratings,



The JumboFlex range

DRAWING: JumboFlex for Non Corrosive Liquids

SEE IT RUN: Water Hammer


The SurgeGuard range

DRAWING: SurgeGuard for Corrosive Liquids

SEE IT RUN: SurgeGuard / Centrifugal Spin Up


AND The LiquiBello range

DRAWING: LiquiBello for Temps Above Elastomer Capablility


PLUS  The FlotoLator range

DRAWING: FloatOlator for Applications too Large for Molded Membranes




Fluid Power control Accumulators3. Fluid Power control Accumulators,


Each type in approx 10 sizes (volumes), and each volume in 3 pressure ratings,



The PistoFram ranges

SEE IT RUN: PistoFram Accumulator


The MagDacc ranges

SEE IT RUN: MagdAcc Accumulator


The Indacc ranges

SEE IT RUN: IndAcc Accumulator




Modeling of Pulsation in combination with symptoms ex Vibration, its Analysis from data capture is a Liquid Dynamics Technical Service. LiquidDynamicsInternational.net: Technical services offered enable the prediction of piping problems before the expenditure on piping and associated equipment. This pre-emptive approach may provide large savings. Where an installation has gone ahead without first making a piping model, we create the system model to enable diagnosis of the problem and recommend dimension and component changes that will reduce or even remove pulsations, shocks, hammers, and the vibration they can induce.4. Analysis, diagnostics, perdiction modeling, Tech Services,


Technical design and data capture services


Piping that enables you to double the performance of your pumps:

Dampener Piping Manifolds




PulseView and ShockView programs

SEE IT the pressure wave signatures RUN

Pressure Wave Signatures




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Pulse-Acc.com Contact InfoTech@Pulse-Acc.com Communications and navigation center for:- Hydro-Pneumatic-Technologies aka hydraulic and pneumatic technology, meaning the interplay or incompressible liquids with the elasticity of compressible gas, often the gas is Nitrogen, and the liquid is a chemical process or hydrocarbon fluid. This is the science behind Liquid Dynamics International Inc that does computer modeling in this area. Pulsation Damper Safety Login Page The science behind the PulseGuard inc activity is more specifically related to the response charactereistics of pressure and flow in pipelines that are excited by a forcing action from a pump. The techniques deployed by SHOCKGUARD are for preventing pipe line shock and water hammer, whereas the PULSE-ACC program is devoted to low cost low pressure readily availability of equipment in large quantity for flow velocity stabilization with de-surgers. Product ranges of volumes and pressures, as listed here by their trade names, were designed for specifice application By M. PACKER :- 1. For the fluid power industry - UNOFRAM, PISTOFRAM, INDACC, MAGDACC, HYDROCRAT / 2. For the chemical process metering industry - PIPEHUGGER, PIPEGUARD, FLEXORBER, LIQUIBELLO / 3. For the large pipe transmission line industry - JUMBOFLEX, SURGEACC, FLOATOLATOR / 4. For the large pipe sludge and slurry mining industries - PUMPGUARD. SURGEGUARD / 5. For low cost low pressure large quantity injection systems - PULSEACC, PULSEOBELLO, PULSEOCRAT. These product ranges are offered by companies set up by M. PACKER :- HYDROTROLE, PULSEGUARD, SHOCKGUARD, and LIQUID BYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL INC / LTD. There are 130 websites, English & other languages,  where the graphics, also by M. PACKER, display the necessary design and application details. PACKERS Technology on which the products and companies are founded, is predominently the mould / mold tooling and development of membrane seperators applied between liquids and gasses, their deformation deflection characteristics, with acoustic responses. PumpGuards Pulse-Acc (PTFE) Surge-Accs Bellows PulseCrats FL-EX PulseGuard Dampers ShockGuard Water Hammer R&D Testing Tech Support Services